Family Values

What Are Family Values?

Family values are how parents teach their children to decide what is right and what is wrong. These values can differ from family to family based on their individual lifestyle and experiences but each of these values should ultimately be used to nurture each child into someone who will be compassionate, caring of others, and be someone that other people can depend on..

How to Establish Family Values

Types of Family Values

Family values can be similar or extremely different between families, but generally speaking, they are used to teach children right from wrong, respect and courtesy, and responsibility. For one family, being a good person may mean accepting different views on things, while another family says being a good person is using their place in life to help others less fortunate than themselves.

Family Values Must Begin with the Parents

Children learn best from mimicking the behavior they see from their parents. For example, if a parent expresses anger by getting loud and aggressive, the child will mimic that, thinking that is the proper way to express oneself. Or, if a parent expresses anger by remaining calm and explaining why they are angry, the child will learn that talking out their feelings is how to resolve anger.

Families with Unstable Values

While every family has their own values, not all families practice values that encourage and nurture children to become the best they can be. Sometimes it can be the result of an abusive parent, the family going through troubling times like a divorce, or a child is neglected. In extreme cases, a family law lawyer can intervene to make sure that children are properly cared for.

Family Values Will Last a Lifetime

Teaching kids lasting family values is extremely important and so is the method used to teach those values. If a child is not taught things like honesty, integrity, and kindness, they will make their own decisions of what is right and wrong regardless of how those decisions might hurt other people. Family values are important because it teaches a sense of security and love between the parents, children, and the community.